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Connect Mohawk Valley offers a wide range of opportunities that are paid, unpaid, credit-bearing, or non-credit-bearing. This criteria varies by employer and each posting.


Meyda Lighting

55 Oriskany Blvd.
(315) 768-3711
College Internship
Hours per week:


As a leading manufacturer of custom decorative lighting, we rely on the strength of our drafting and design team to develop mechanical assemblies to meet customer design specifications. We work with a vast selection of raw materials using CNC cutting technology to produce parts from steel, brass, copper, bronze, glass and acrylic.

We us 3D modeling software to model items, test the integrity of mechanical connections and create assemblies for costing.


Create drawings for customer submittal. Design detailed assembly drawings for fabrication and wiring of fixtures. Create 3d models of fixtures. Drafting files to be cut or machined on CNC equipment. Create assemblies for costing.

Affiliate: The Foundation
Affiliate: Mohawk Valley Edge
Affiliate: Working Solutions

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