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Connect Mohawk Valley offers a wide range of opportunities that are paid, unpaid, credit-bearing, or non-credit-bearing. This criteria varies by employer and each posting.

Internships / Apprenticeships


As a leading manufacturer of custom decorative lighting, we rely on the strength of our drafting and design team to develop mechanical assemblies to meet customer design specifications. We work with a vast selection of raw materials using CNC cutting technology to produce parts from steel, brass, copper, bronze, glass and acrylic.

We us 3D modeling software to model items, test the integrity of mechanical connections and create assemblies for costing.

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Radio Stations Intern

Roser Communications Network, Inc. provides radio broadcasting services. The company owns and operates radio stations including KISS-FM (WSKS, WSKU), Bug Country (WBUG-FM, WBGK-FM), WUTQ and WVTL. Roser Communications Network, Inc. is based in Utica. New York.

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Here's the scoop. Job descriptions are over rated and they pidgeon hole you in a position based upon duties that by definition of the job description itself - never change. What is the point of a career path or internship if you are going to be put into a box defined by a job description? That's not what we are looking for here at Utica Coffee Roasting Co.

We need good people who can make things happen. We want to take advantage of your skill set and put them to use in our business. Customer service? We will see how you can contribute as a Barista. Computers? opportunity for online marketing and sales. The key is good peole who can make things happen. You must be able to work independently and also as part of a team. You must have a postive attitude, exceptional work ethic, and again - be a good person. You must work efficiently, must be able to see beyond the task in front of you. You must be able to contribute and perform - or you will not make it here. This internship is more about you than filling a set of criteria in a job description. Our business is growing because we have a good product and good people making things happen. 

If you feel you have something to contribute to our growing business we want to interview you. We have had tremendous success in using this platform to hire interns in the past. We hope to continue that success by hiring good people again this year. Ideally, this internship will turn into a full time position working with us. 

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The CNYVOC is looking for interns who are interested in working with Veterans in need. This is an unpaid internsip so we would be willing to work with a persons hours.

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Website Developer

Brockett Creative Group in New Hartford New York is seeking a website developer to work out of its New Hartford, NY office. This position can be either full-time, or part-time, depending on the candidate.

Required Skills:

  • Intermediate HTML and CSS. You know how to write a media query and are familiar with CSS grid systems.
  • Comfortable in Photoshop. You know how to use the Slice tool and Save for Web.
  • A desire to learn and will to experiment.

Preferred Skills:

  • Some knowledge of Javascript and jQuery, especially DOM manipulation.
  • Experience in turning a .psd file into HTML and CSS.
  • Organization. You write clean, well-commented code.

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with Coldfusion or other server-side programming language.

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Project Management Internship

United Way is seeking an intern to learn about our local and worldwide mission and to help magnify the impact of our work throughout the community.

This is a get your hands dirty, fill your heart, make your community better internship.

Interns in this role will have the opportunity to work with community leaders on original ideas and corporate leaders including the National Football League (NFL).


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Finance & Accounting Internship

United Way is seeking an intern to join its finance department for a wide range of duties throughout the 2015 Campaign.

In this internship, you'll crunch numbers that are making a difference in our community.

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Part Time Accounting Intern

Part-time accounting intern to work with CPA and consulting firm in Utica.
Degree candidate in Accounting and proficiency with Microsoft Excel required. Responsibilities to include reconciliations, bookkeeping and assisting a CPA during tax season. This position may lead to full-time employment upon graduation. This is a paid position and will accommodate the student’s class schedule.

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AdWords Assistant

Candidates must be experienced in Microsoft Office or equivalent software.  Candidates must also have a firm command of the English language in both verbal and written word.  

Candidates for this position should consider themselves highly organized, goal-oriented and very analytical in nature.  

Candidates with any experience with Google AdWords encouraged to apply, but prior experience not necessary.  

Our new AdWords assistant will learn the job position over several weeks and months and become a proficient and certified user of this marketing platform.

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