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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette



When in doubt, introduce others.

Always introduce people to others whenever you have the chance, unless you know that they’re already met.

Work on your handshake.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a firm, confident handshake can ease an introduction.

Mind your manners.

Always say "please" and "thank you." This should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway. Mind your manners!

Watch your language.

Be polite, assertive and well-spoken in any professional atmosphere.

Double check before you hit send.

Check your e-mails for spelling and grammar errors before you send, and make sure you're not hitting "Reply All" to a group e-mail.  

Don’t gossip.

Words are like toothpase - once they're out, it's hard to get them back in. Do your job without being rude or hurtful.

Respect workplace privacy.

Everyone is entitled to private conversations, communications and workspace.

Be on time.

We’re all busy.  Be punctual and respectful of other people's schedules.

Put your phone away.

When you’re in a meeting, focus on the meeting discussion.  Don’t take calls, text or check e-mail. 

Be your best self.

Keep eye contact and make an effort to truly listen to what others are saying.

RSVP to all events/meetings.

Respond to all events and meetings invitations as soon as possible. If you can’t attend after confirming that you will be present, let someone know.




Be aware of what you post on social media. Even with strict privacy settings employers can find ways to side-step those controls to discover your potentially embarassing information. Take pride in your personal brand.


Facebook Icon FACEBOOK:

Everyone with a pulse has a Facebook account. Be mindful of how you use it, especially if you're applying for jobs, internships or apprenticeships:

  • Take a close look at your profile and decide what you want business contacts or prospective employers to see – and remove anything that you don’t want them to see.
  • Create a simple profile (or clean up your existing one).
  • Limit the photos you post.
  • Remember to monitor your privacy settings.

LinkedIn Icon LINKEDIN:

Use LinkedIn for networking, job searching, hiring, and company research. 

  • Create a detailed profile including employment (current and past), education, industry and websites.
  • Add a professional photo or headshot.
  • Include all your resume keywords and skills in your profile.
  • Connect with other members and build your network.  The more connections you have, the more opportunities you have. 

Instagram Icon INSTAGRAM:

  • More and more employers are using Instragram as a recruitment tool. Make sure your posts are appropriate, grammatically correct, and free of profanity.
  • Follow others in your field / industry.
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